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“I’ve Got a Friend Like That”

Here is a quick video from the past week when I was out on the West Coast.  Pretty sweet tour! Had a blast and now I’m back in Nashville working at the office.  

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This little home video was taken in Albany Oregon (One of the greatest places on the planet known as Earth).  This small dog was owned by Adam Taylor’s Grandparents.  I believe it was a mix of a beagle and a pug.  Perfect world!  I’ve never seen a dog with so much energy!

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I left last Sunday for Portland Oregon to begin a month long tour with Hawk Nelson.  I’m working on the tech production crew for the Mercy Me/Jeremy Camp/Hawk Nelson/Tenth Avenue North/Addison Road tour.  I’ve been having a blast! These guys are amazing! Im loving the West Coast!  The day I got in I went right to work.  The next three days we had off in Albany Oregon.  We drove out to the west coast and spent a day touring lighthouses and site seeing, taking in the fresh ocean air and eating at “The Chowder-Bowl”  downtown.   img_1164 This was a harbor on the coast where all the fish boats docked and unloaded all their catches from the day.  Smelled pretty bad…tasted real good! Had some of the best clam chowder of my life!  I’ve been trying to  upload videos that I’ve been taking but I haven’t had a real solid internet connection.  I will say that it is amazing to travel in a bus that has satellite television and wireless internet at all times! not to mention, its strange going to sleep in a bed in one state and waking up in a completely different state 700 miles away.



Hawk played a show last night in Fresno California.  All went well! We finished up the show and made our way to Deny’s for a midnight grand slam! What a blessing! Had a pretty interesting evening to say the least.  I’ll just say that Jason Dunn has special powers.  Super hero special powers! I don’t know how he does it but he can make any situation seemingly awkward but unbelievably glorious at the same moment!  

We headed up to Santa Monica for our day off today.  I took a quick tour of the TOMS headquarters.  Pretty awesome place! Open work atmosphere with a really cool vibe! I got to meet the owner!  I heard a rumor that he is dating a certain character from Lost.  Don’t know if its true and I don’t want to spread rumors (cause you all know how many people read my blog!)  Ty…call me! I miss you!

 Hawk played a show the other night in Vegas.  I’ve been there before but never had a change to walk down the strip.  It was pretty incredible! Don’t know how I feel about that town.  Our bus is hurting for a fixin so we are actually heading back to vegas tomorrow to get it fixed.  We have a day off there.  I’m planning to hide my wallet from myself so that I don’t do anything stupid in an attempt to get rich quick.  My mom taught me right! 

I know I haven’t done a great job updating this blog.  I honestly have good intentions and I hope to keep you all a little more updated while I’m away.  Give me a call anytime you like.  My new number is 615-554-6315.  


P.S.  I’m watching Royal Tenenbaums.  Funny!

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Kansas City

Well here I am sitting lying on a bed at a sleep hotel in kansas city.  We’re supposed to be in indianapolis right now for a show, but our fearless leader/my road rommate Jeremy is deathly sick! (pray that i don’t get whatever he’s got!) We cancelled the next two shows but its not all that bad though.  I’ve been on and off the road for the past few weeks and I was bummed that i was going to be gone this sunday and therefore miss Winterjam at the Sommet Center in Nashville.  Got some friend playing on the tour and I’m pretty excited to see them at work! 

The past few weeks have been a blast but I forgot to bring my camera out on any of the trips so you will just have to take my word for it.  Here are a few pictures I found on Brandon McCoys facespace. 

2642_59437310893_545325893_1992907_1503927_sJust a quick stop at a gas station…probably for a quick L.C. Monster! I wish God had made vegetables and healthy things so tasty! I’d be in great shape if that were the case! 

s545325893_1992951_2513570This was a shot a snapped in a moving car while we passed by on Brandon’s iphone.  Everytime I saw the mountains in Colorado I thought about my friend Justin Andersons wedding last summer!  The past few weeks have come and gone and one of the top highlight for me was seeing my friends Justin and Holly Anderson in Denver!  I’m so thankful for such good friends! 

One of my other top highlights this past week was last night! We played in Cedar Falls Iowa, and my Mom came down from MN and saw the show!  I haven’t seen my Mom since Christmas so it was quite a blessing! Love you mom!

I’ll be sure to write more this next week.

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Jeremy Riddle

phpthumb_generated_thumbnail1I want to make a quick shameless plug for my friend Jeremy Riddle.  His new album The Now and Not Yet was released on Tuesday March 3rd.  We are out on an 11 day run of shows throughout colorado and the midwest and cool things seem to be happening in the church’s we are visiting.  Check it out on itunes if you get a chance.  This week it has been #1 in the Christian and Gospel Albums section.

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Tomorrow I leave for Grand Junction Colorado! Colorado is one of my favorite states, not because of the beautiful mountains, the skiing or fresh air.  Those things are all well and good, but the best part about Colorado is Justin and Holly Anderson! Yup, I said it! I haven’t seen either of them since their wedding last summer, and can I just say that I’m pretty flippin excited! 

The past few weeks in Nashville have been epic to say the least! I’ve met a few friends that I believe will be life long friends, got a new Job in Franklin, recorded on two different albums, was an extra in a photo shoot for A.P. magazine, did a television shoot with Jeremy Riddle, hung out with a little Ostebo and lotta Jason Dunn, watched the Minnesota Wild beat the Calgary Flame multiple times in one day, and met the guys who are starting an amazing label called Come and Live.  Click on this link! AMAZING! I’m going to dedicate an entire blog entry to Come and Live in the weeks to follow.

 I’m pretty excited to be going out on the road tomorrow and at the same time I’m kinda bummed.  Just can’t win.  Lovin life right now though! The only thing that would make this better would be more of the people of Minnesota, Chicago and Colorado in my  life!  Can’t always win.  I’ll be sure to update the blog a little more regularly over the next week as I travel! Miss you all!

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Andy Davis New Song

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Winter activities!

This is where I live and this is what I like to do…..

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One Great Weekend!

This past weekend was a large slice of heaven! Last Thursday afternoon Tyler Goodling and Brad Robertson pulled into Nashville at 2:30 and the fun began! The first thing we did was drive over to a studio and sing gang vocals at the top of our lungs with some of our friends! n13914752_51153010_4332
We spent the next few days driving around town eating good food, sleeping in, enjoying the good weather, long boarding, throwing frisbee, fat strawing, helping our friends get engaged, going to shows, visiting the downtown tourist hotspots, and getting punched in the face by homeless women. What more could I ask for?  You all should read Tyler Goodling’s blog because he does a lot better job than I do detailing all the events of the weekend!  n110900234_31159349_3614

Look how happy I am when Ty and Brad arrived!  I’m wearing my stylish P.F. Changs uniform.  


The Fat Straw! YES! Smoothies! How fantastic is that?

Our friend Spencer Combs flew into town and surprised his girlfriend with the best marriage proposal I have ever seen/been apart of!  

Here I am, at the end of it all, a little low that the event I looked forward to for so long has come to an end!  I can’t tell you how sad I am that Ty and Brad left this morning!  They are making the 14 hour drive back to the frozen tundra that is Minnesota as we speak.  I hope they come back soon, but for now March is looking promising for a visit home to Minnesota.

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Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Hampshire, Maine

The past few weeks have been a lot of fun! I had the chance to visit four states that I’ve never been to before! I need to learn my geography better because I didn’t realize that it would be so cold in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. I think I thought Pennsylvania was further south….oh well! img_0876img_0886 I didn’t pack very well for this trip, but you learn from your mistakes which makes me brilliant at this point! Here is a little video clip of Jeremy Riddle this past week at a Church in Maine.

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